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  • Tuesday May 14th, 2019


Sylvain Dubuisson


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Watt is a simple and elegant table lamp, created by Sylvain Dubuisson, architect and designer in 2019. Simple since it has the shape of a cylinder.
Clever because the openwork of the cylinder is a unique mathematical model in which 6 turns maintain proportional velocity relationships so that the voids are triangles.
The polish of the central shaft reflects the drawing of the spirals to give an anamorphic perspective and the light casts the shadows of the cuts on the plane of the table.
This model is inspired by the project led by Sylvain Dubuisson in 2010, “rue Watt” in Paris where 21-floor lamps made of the same cylindrical central barrel in polished stainless steel and a perforated envelope draw the shadows of the intertwining along the street. Watt.
The Watt lamp can be declined in different colours (custom made). It is available in white, black and orange. It can work in pairs (left and right version of the start of turns).

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Made in France